Experience tranquillity

Our gardens are the lush green pocket of serenity and tranquillity that you can discover right inside the city. The gardens of the hotel are Japanese-influenced in their style and ambience and are home to varieties of flowering plants and trees that display their exuberance from season to season. Our gardens attract birds such as sparrows, owls, eagles, hoopoes, parrots, doves, and barn swallows. The vibrant colours that the flowers
turn the garden into are perfect for photoshoots in different seasons. Our spaces also include two well-equipped meeting halls centred within the greens of our landscape. The halls are a good choice for anyone looking to conduct meetings in and around nature without having to go further away from the city centre. Please contact us at +977 01 4793172 to know more about the pricing and other details for booking and reservation.


The Jacaranda Garden is by the entrance in front of the Himalayan Soba restaurant. The garden gets its name from the Jacaranda tree planted over three decades ago that overlooks the garden turning the space into a shade of purple during April. The garden has an assortment of flowers including sakura, wisteria, azalea, Chinese rose, and crepe myrtle.


The Momiji Garden is adjacent to the Jacaranda Garden. A type of Japanese maple tree, the Momiji tree in the garden, was brought from Japan more than three decades ago. The beauty of the maple tree is visible in the fall season when the leaves turn deep and dark. The garden also has bougainvillaea, azalea, Chinese rose, cape jasmine, and fuji wisteria blooming through various seasons of the year.

Fuji Wisteria

The Fuji Wisteria Garden gets its name from the wisteria tree that grows in the garden. The tree blossoms in mid-March turning the garden into a shade of dreamy purple. The garden also has other trees like camphor, pipal - also known as the Bodhi tree or the sacred fig, and peachtree. Hibiscus, sakura, and crape myrtle are some of the flowers  growing in the garden.

Meeting halls: Bougainvillea and Marigold

We have two meeting halls with different capacities to meet the needs of our clients. Bougainvillaea is located in the Red Brick Building by the lotus pond that houses most of our guest rooms. The hall has the capacity to host 40 people, and the facilities include air conditioning, a projector, and a screen. The Marigold Hall is located below Bougainvillea and opens to a small garden. It can host 25 people and has an air conditioning facility.

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